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Purple Gas


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Purple Gas Hemp Flower

CBD:  18.686% 

Total THC:  .631%

Total Cannabinoids:  23.144%

Type: Hybrid: Slightly Indica dominant

Effects:  energizing, uplifting, and focused, Purple Gas may also be an exceptional strain for pain relief. A favorite among daytime consumers.

Purple Gas somehow reminds me of my high school days. Do you remember the smart kids who seemed to be everything? The ones that had it all? The ones who, while some strains are famous for specific features such as taste or smell, Purple Gas seems to have a good share in everything. Talk about a rich terpene and cannabinoid profile! This one’s got a unique smell, taste, high CBD content, etc. The hemp flower is everything you would look for in a hemp strain.

Purple Gas is a high CBD hemp cultivar bred in the beautiful Colorado Springs. The strain is based on selections from an inbred-line of Otto II seed and the Hindu-Kush.This pretty little flower has a full-bodied flavor. The sweet, tangy and earthy taste of these fat nugs truly stands out and delivers. 

Have you tried Purple Gas before? Well, this batch will be a little different since it has been grown in an in-house environment, utilizing cutting edge growing techniques. Featuring a smooth flavor of brown sugar and rich orange cream, this strain will surely leave your taste buds asking for more. Once you get started, there is no turning back!

As a bonus, the strain also has the rare trans ocmene terpene which underscores the sweet, woodsy and herbaceous aroma with an added burst of sugary rose. In terms of terpene, taste, versatility and CBD content, Purple Gas carries the day. Ever since I tried the flower for the first time, it has remained my favorite strain, and I don’t see this narration changing anytime soon!


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