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Froot Loops – Delta 8 / THCO ( fruit Loops )


Product Description

Fruit Loops Hemp Flower

CBD:  19.80% 

Total THC:  Delta 8: 23.156%   THCO: 21.069%

Type: Hybrid: Hybrid 55/45 – Indica/Sativa

Effects: Prompts laughter, talkative, uplifting, imropves focus, relieves stress, followed by body-mind relaxation, laziness and sleep; is said to controls seizures, nausea and pain.

Likely named after the delicious cereal, the Fruit Loops strain provides the sweet scent and flavor expected from the name. It is a bold combination of four strains that could provide you with a burst of energy initially. Regarded as an excellent sociable strain, Fruit Loops is ideal if you’re an introvert getting ready for a party.

If you have a sweet tooth and love cannabis, modern-day breeders have both your needs covered! There is a growing trend towards the production of sweet-tasting marijuana strains. In many cases, this flavor is more apparent than the traditional skunk or hash taste of weed. The Fruit Loops strain is a classic example of the new breed of strains with a flavor closer to a dessert (or a breakfast cereal in this case) than standard cannabis.

The Fruit Loops strain is an ambitious combination of the following four cannabis strains: White Widow, Blue Dream, Grapefruit, and Blueberry. It is an interesting mixture, as each strain provides a unique experience on its own.

For instance, Blue Dream is known for its ability to spike your energy. Blueberry, on the other hand, can make one feel slightly sedated. Grapefruit provides a delicious fruity flavor, while White Widow is closer to Blue Dream in terms of effects.

What you’ll find with this slightly indica-dominant hybrid is a cerebral high that takes effect within minutes. Users generally report feeling energized in the short term. Therefore, if you’re feeling a little tired during the afternoon, a few puffs of Fruit Loops could help get you through the mini-slump. Just make sure you don’t use it at work!!!

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